These 8 Creepy Asylums In Indiana Are Still Standing And Still Disturbing

If you scare easily or do not enjoy all things creepy – I suggest turning around now. No, seriously – writing and researching this piece gave me the creeps. Ok, if you decide to keep reading just remember – I warned you. Below you are going to learn more about eight different creepy asylums in Indiana. You can also watch a rather creepy video about one of them.

One thing to note about a few of these pictures is that I found them thanks to the amazing photographers on Flickr. Unfortunately, some of these asylums do not have very many (or any pictures) I can use. But, I did not want to leave out some of the more creepy ones just because I couldn’t find pictures. I did, however, find a pretty creepy video about one of these places that I wanted to share.

The Brickmore Asylum – Recovered Emily Green Footage Video



The thing about creepy hospitals in Indiana is they are either abandoned, used as a haunted attraction, or remodeled/re-opened for use as something else. Take, Norman Beatty Mental Hospital, for example which was converted into the Westville Correctional Center in the late 70’s. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to go to a prison that used to be a really old mental hospital. The only question left to ask you guys is this – are you planning to visit any of these places or do you just regrets reading this article?