These 6 Creepy Asylums In Indiana Will Chill You To The Bone

If you scare easily or do not enjoy learning about the many scary places in Indiana, we suggest turning around now. No, seriously. Just writing and researching this piece gave us the creeps! Ok, fine, if you decide to keep reading, just remember: we warned you. Below, you are going to learn more about six creepy abandoned asylums in Indiana that you’ll never forget (and neither will we – yikes.)

Hunger for more creepy tidbits of media from these spooky old-school Indiana institutions? Check this video out for some old footage from Brickmore:

The thing about creepy asylums in Indiana is that they tend to be abandoned, used as a “haunted” attraction, or remodeled/re-opened for use as something else. Take Norman Beatty Mental Hospital, for example, which was converted into the Westville Correctional Center in the late 1970s. We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want to go to a prison that used to be an old insane asylum!

The only question left to ask you is this – are you planning to visit any of these places, or do you just regret reading this article? Yikes!

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Creepy Asylums in Indiana

April 26, 2021

Where are the most creepy places in Indiana? 

Indiana ghost stories are a staple of just about every generation, past and present, in the Hoosier State. Our state is filled to the brim with eerie, bizarre, and otherwise unsettling tales of hauntings, madmen, terrible crimes, frightening natural disasters, and more. Some of our favorite creepy places in Indiana are:

  • the infamous Hannah House, built in the late 1800s, where an unspeakably dark tragedy occurred and was subsequently covered up by the homeowners to avoid arrest for harboring escaping slaves along the Underground Railroad
  • Stepp Cemetery in Martinsville
  • Highland Lawn Cemetery, in Terre Haute

Are there many abandoned places in Indiana? 

Absolutely! The Hoosier state is an excellent place for the urban explorer, and there are plenty of abandoned places in Indiana to explore. Some of the most famous places in Indiana for abandoned buildings are:

  • Gary, where the abandoned post office is seriously too cool for words.
  • The ghost town of Corwin, which is said to be crawling with as many restless spirits as there are abandoned silos.
  • Kramer, Indiana, which has an abandoned hotel in the woods, overgrown and taken back by mother nature.

What are the scariest haunted places in Indiana?

There are some truly spooky haunted places in Indiana that you can visit. Some, however, seem to stick out above the rest in terms of sheer scariness. For example:

  • the Central State Hospital, in Indianapolis, which is an old insane asylum that’s well-known for its tortured souls that still lurk in the halls. It originally opened in 1848 and was known for its less-than-humane conditions, and it’s really no surprise that it’s so haunted now.
  • The Story Inn, in Nashville, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in the entire state, and better still, you can stay the night! It’s said to be haunted by the spirit of someone called The Blue Lady, who you’ll definitely have to meet for yourself someday.