There’s An Incredible Meteor Shower Happening Again This Summer And Indiana Has A Front Row Seat

It’s that wonderful time of year again in which nature’s “fireflies from space” light up the night sky in the form of the Perseids. It’s one of our top favorite celestial events of the year, and for good reason: the Perseid shower is one of the more prolific meteor showers, often showcasing at least one meteor per minute – many of which are incredible fireballs. Hoping to catch the meteor shower in Indiana this year? Totally doable – weather permitting, of course.

Hoping for some more amazing things to watch in the night sky this year? You’re in luck! Hoosiers should check out this list of 12 nighttime events in 2021 – many of which have yet to happen!

What was the most amazing night sky event you’ve ever witnessed? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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