Taking A Closer Look At These Abandoned Indiana Schools Will Creep You Out

The exploration of abandoned buildings is a hobby a lot of people enjoy. If it’s something you’re too afraid to physically do, maybe you would like to go on a photo and video tour of some abandoned school houses in Indiana?

I managed to find pictures of some pretty incredible abandoned school houses as well as an awesome video tour of one! These abandoned Indiana school houses are sure to creep you out!

Want to go on a tour of a very old and abandoned school with me?

I was doing some digging and I came across this pretty incredible exploration of an old abandoned school house somewhere in Indiana. Unfortunately, the creator of the video didn’t tell us exactly where the school house is. Doing a little research, I learned there are nearly 30 different Jefferson Township (TWP) schools in Indiana so narrowing this down without traveling the state to look at each one is proving a little difficult. Feel free to tell me where it is if you know!

What do you think about them hanging children to punish them? How creepy!

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