There are a few roads in our state that are allegedly haunted, but none has captivated us as much as Bloods Point Road. Man, even the name is scary! This road is located in Boone County, between Fairdale and Pearl Road. For unexplained reasons, it is one of the most active hotbeds of paranormal activity in Illinois.

There are many unexplained sightings on the road, from vintage cars to regular spirits. But one spirit, Beulah, has caused all sorts of malaise. The legend of Beulah is that she hanged her children, and then herself, from the Bloods Point Bridge. She walks around in a decomposing, disgusting state. Those who say they’ve seen her have reported getting physically ill at the sight of her…but at the same time, they’ve been bewitched somehow and could not stop looking at her.

Along this road is the Bloods Point Cemetery, founded in 1836. It is allegedly the site of many ghost sightings and hellhound sightings. All of this is so incredible that paranormal investigators have formed the Bloods Point Restoration Project.

Here is a super cool time lapse video that actually takes you down the entirety of the road:

What do you think? Is this road haunted? Have you driven down it before?

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