The Hike In Idaho That Takes You To Not One, But TWO Insanely Beautiful Waterfalls

When you ask, “Where are there waterfalls near me in Idaho?”, your mind most likely goes to the famous ones like Mesa Falls or Shoshone Falls. There certainly is not a shortage of fantastic waterfalls to see in Idaho. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to travel a long distance just to see them. There are several stunning natural waterfalls hiding just a short hike away – you just have to know where to find them. This particular hike in northern Idaho leads you to two beautiful waterfalls, and the best part is there likely won’t be a crowd of people blocking your view. The hike to Shadow and Fern Falls is one of the best waterfall hikes in Idaho! Give it a try!

Have you hiked this trail to Shadow and Fern Falls? What are your favorite waterfall hikes? Let us know!

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Address: Shadow Falls, Idaho, USA
Address: Fern Falls, Idaho, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

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April 08, 2022

What is the best time of year to visit these waterfalls?

These waterfalls are rather far north in the state of Idaho. As you probably know, winters are pretty brutal in this part of the state! Because of this, it’s probably wise to tackle this hike in the summertime, at least the first time you attempt it. It’s an easy hike but you’ll have a hard time keeping track of the trail in the deep snow. However, keep in mind that it can be pretty buggy there in the middle of the summer, so be sure to bring insect repellent along with you, too.

Where should I stay to visit these waterfalls?

There are dozens of campgrounds and hundreds of campsites in the Coeur D’Alene National Forest and countless options for dispersed camping on BLM land in this area too. You can pitch a tent almost anywhere but be sure to follow BLM’s rules and Leave No Trace, too.

Camping is probably your best bet due to the remoteness of these waterfalls, but if you want to stay in a hotel, you can do that too – but you’ll have to drive almost two hours to reach the nearest hotels in Kellogg, Wallace, or Coeur D’Alene.

What else is there to do in this area?

You’ll find miles and miles and miles of trails in the Coeur D’Alene National Forest; you could hike every weekend for years without doing them all! Not all of them have waterfalls but they are all beautiful. This area also has plenty of opportunities for fishing in Idaho’s many rivers and streams. If lake life is more your thing, you’re not far from two of Idaho’s biggest lakes – Harrison Slough to the west and Lake Pend Oreille to the north. Northern Idaho is beautiful! Dive in!

Address: Shadow Falls, Idaho, USA
Address: Fern Falls, Idaho, USA