A New Study Just Revealed That Idaho Drivers Are The Second Rudest In The Nation

Most Idahoans take pride in our state’s friendly and welcoming nature, but apparently that doesn’t apply to the roads. According to a new study, Idahoans are ranked as the second rudest drivers in the nation. Womp, womp. The study used self-reported driving violations to look at what they consider “rude driving behavior.” All in all, the state of Virginia took the top spot for rudest drivers in the country, followed by Idaho, Wyoming, and New York. Read on to see exactly why the Gem State was ranked so high in this recent survey.

Do you agree with our ranking as having the second rudest drivers in the country? Maybe this is the beginning of friendlier experiences on the road! Now, let’s pivot to some things we LOVE about being an Idahoan with our list of 13 Strange Habits Every Idahoan Will Defend To The Death.