Idaho’s River Of No Return Is So Remote It’s Inspired A Television Series On Discovery Channel

If you’ve lived in Idaho for long, you know that our state is vastly underrated. When most non-Idahoans hear of our state, they usually conjure up images of boring potato fields, or they ask “Where’s that?” Little do they know that Idaho contains a vast array of landscapes, including some of the most unspoiled wilderness areas that North America has to offer. However, public image of the Gem State may be changing in the near future, thanks to the arrival of a new television series from Discovery Channel. This brand new TV show is bringing national attention to one of Idaho’s most stunning natural wonders: the River Of No Return.

Did you know about this new television series that takes place in Idaho? We couldn’t be happier that this beautiful region is gaining some serious attention. The next time a non-Idahoan tries to bring you down, be sure to send them this list of 12 Reasons Why Idaho Is The Most Underrated State In The U.S. 

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