You’ll Fall In Love With These 12 Incredible Old Barns In Idaho

Idaho is a state filled with charming architecture from another era: abandoned dry farming barns, ramshackle mining towns, and forgotten and aging historical reminders, all beautiful in their decay. But it’s difficult to pinpoint what it is about old buildings — barns in particular — that make them so fascinating to see, experience, and photograph.

Every building has a story to tell. So whatever your reason for loving old barns as much as I do, here are 12 beautifully aging structures from across Idaho that stand as majestic reminders of our state’s past.

Like the beautiful, rural state that it is, Idaho is bursting with old barns and mundane reminders of our history — a past that is all too quickly fading from the American landscape. Many of these photos were taken just in time, as their beautifully decrepit subjects are no longer standing.

Do you have a favorite old barn in Idaho? Do you know the stories behind any of the ones pictured? Please share! And stay tuned for Part 2 as we highlight more rustic homages to Idaho’s history.

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