The Place In Idaho That Makes You Feel Like You’ve Stepped Through A Magical Wardrobe

Is there anything more soothing or perfect for a quick getaway than a hot, steamy soak hidden amongst the trees? Just in time for Spring Break, this hidden gem is positively magnificent and is located in the most exhilarating location you’ve ever seen. In fact, so idyllic is the setting of Jerry Johnson Hot Springs that you might forget you’re still in Idaho, and think you’ve stepped into the wondrous, imaginative landscape of Narnia.

Wow. It’s hard to find words to describe such a peaceful, tranquil spot! It’s positively fairy tale-like. You’ll find this all-seasons gem in the Clearwater National Forest, near Elk City. Just follow the 3 mile path and signs to Warm Springs Creek.

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Editor’s Note: A few days prior to publication, Jerry Johnson Hot Springs were destroyed by floodwaters and heavy winter runoff. We will keep you updated when and/or if this Idaho treasure is restored to its former glory.