The Oldest Restaurant In Idaho Has A Truly Captivating History

Nestled in the heart of Idaho’s panhandle sits an unassuming (but completely amazing) restaurant: the Snake Pit, a.k.a the Enaville Resort. Just far enough off of I-90 to feel miles away from the beaten path, this amazing bar and grill isn’t just delicious, remote, and lively; it has also gained a stellar reputation as the oldest restaurant in Idaho and one of the oldest in the entire Northwest. With a history that lengthy, you’d better believe that this 125-year old establishment has quite the story to go along with its rustic location in the middle of nowhere — and it’s totally worth the drive to experience it for yourself.

The Snake Pit is truly one of those historic gems that makes Idaho so unique, and definitely worth a trip. So in remembrance of the departed prospectors and miners of the Gem State’s early days, or indeed in tribute to the likes of Wyatt Earp and other western greats, stop on by and give their famous “oyster” delicacies a try! If you dare…

If you’ve ever eaten here, we’d love to hear your stories. What other remote locations do you love to visit in Idaho?