Definitely Take A Day Trip To This Charming Town In Idaho

Every so often a town rises to the top and catches unsuspecting travelers and adventurers completely off guard in the most awesome way possible. Cascade, Idaho is just one of these incredible places that every Idahoan should explore at least once, no matter the season. With a history that is just as much luck as it was fate, in recent years Cascade has been growing in popularity right alongside its sister towns, Donnelly and McCall. In just one day exploring this magical area you can experience some the warmest hospitality, unexpected scenery, easy-access camping, and best recreation in the state. At its heart, Cascade is true Idaho, which is just one reason why Sunset Magazine has featured this home away from home numerous times.

Only 1000 or so locals make up the full-time population of Cascade, but during the summer and winter seasons the town comes alive as visitors flock from around the state to enjoy the special charm of this western lower-mountain town. And once you’ve escaped here for a day trip, you might just be tempted to extend that vacation permanently. Here are just a few things you’ll find in this wonderful area:

If you love the beauty and unique small town vibes of cozy communities like this, you won’t want to miss the town of Hagerman on the Snake River. Filled with unexpectedly green desert oases, plunging canyons, historical sites, and small town hospitality, it’s a definite must-see.