This Charming Idaho Town Is Picture Perfect For An Autumn Day Trip

Idaho may be a hotspot for adventure and recreation during the warmer months, but once the summer crowds have cleared out, fall is the perfect time to slow down and appreciate the magnificent beauty of the Gem State in a whole new way.

On a national scale, our gorgeous slice of paradise is all-too-often overlooked as a picturesque autumn destination, but a number of our beautiful cities have topped lists for their outstanding displays of seasonal color — places like Idaho Falls, Sun Valley, and Coeur d’Alene, just to name a few. Today, we’re going to show you one overlooked city that seems to have it all when it comes to autumn beauty. Rustic, simple, and breathtaking, fall in this charming small town is brought to life through all the colors that lay dormant in the summer heat, revealing vibrant real-life paintings of cottonwoods, aspens, and brush foliage at their peak. When you visit, be sure to bring a camera!

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