Take A Horse Drawn Carriage Ride In Idaho For A Night Of Pure Wonder

Is there any better way to celebrate Idaho’s winter beauty than with a horse drawn carriage ride through the snow? Located in the beautiful town of Garden Valley is an amazing company that does just that. Every Idahoan knows that winter is one of our state’s very best seasons. After all, there’s really nothing that compares to the beauty of Idaho’s landscapes when they’re all covered in snow. That’s why we’re always dreaming of new and unique ways to explore these wonderful landscapes, and this magical sleigh ride is truly something else. Make this winter one to remember and sign up for this spectacular ride. Check it out!

Doesn’t this horse drawn carriage ride look spectacular? Idaho is truly stunning during winter and this sleigh ride is the perfect way to experience it. For more awesome adventures, check out these 8 Must Visit Places In Idaho This Winter.