At Over 500 Years Old, Some Of The Oldest Cedar Trees Are Found In Idaho

Did you know that Idaho is home to some of the oldest cedar trees? Located in northern Idaho and near the small town of Clarkia is the Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical Area, an ancient grove of cedar trees that is secluded, remarkable, and breathtaking. You can spend the day hiking around this cedar grove in the Gem State and believe us, you’ll be blown away by the age, size, and beauty of this area.

To learn more about the Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical Area in Idaho, click here. Have you ever visited these old trees in Idaho? If so, we’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments!

If you are searching for another hidden gem in northern Idaho, head to Idler’s Rest Nature Preserve near Moscow, Idaho. This beautiful cedar grove is certainly worth the visit as well.

Address: Hobo Cedar Grove, Idaho, USA