The Historic Hike In Idaho That Was Once Part Of The Oregon Trail

Hiding in our state is an incredible trail that documents an important piece of our country’s history. The Oregon Trail played a huge role in forming the Gem State, and you can actually hike it for yourself to this very day. This historic hike follows the exact route that the trail’s early emigrants used to make their way West. Complete with educational signage and even the remnants of original wagon ruts, exploring this trail feels like engaging in a living history lesson. It’s something that every history-loving Idahoan should attempt at some point, so keep reading to learn all about it.

Did you know a piece of the Oregon Trail was preserved on this historic hike? It’s pretty amazing to think the trail has lasted all these years. For more fascinating hikes like this one, check out the rest of this list of 5 Idaho Hiking Trails That Lead To Some Incredible Pieces Of History.

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