This Hike In Idaho Is Full Of Jaw-Dropping Natural Pools

The only thing better than enjoying a beautiful hike across the Idaho landscape is getting to soak in a natural pool at the end of one. Our state is full of naturally-maintained pools that are perfect for soaking in when your typical backyard pool just won’t do. They can be tricky to find, but part of the adventure is in doing just that. There’s one set of natural pools that we definitely recommend. Hiding way out in the North Idaho backcountry, this beautiful soaking destination is well-worth the trek. Prepare to be wowed by the awe-inspiring adventure this trail contains, and keep reading to learn how to accomplish it for yourself.

What do you think? Don’t these natural pools at the end of this trail look heavenly? This is one adventure you’ll definitely want to add to your bucket list. For more beautiful soaking destinations, check out these 10 Incredible Hot Springs In Idaho.