An Incredible Piece Of History Is Hiding At The End Of This Little-Known Trail In Idaho

There’s an amazing piece of history hiding at the end of this pretty little hiking trail and you’ll definitely want to find it. Boasting beautiful scenery and tranquil beauty, this short and sweet nature trail is literally a walk in the park. Exploring it is the perfect way to spend a few hours taking in North Idaho’s unparalleled natural beauty, but it’s what’s waiting for you at the end of the trail that makes it a walk to remember. This little-known historical attraction represents a fascinating piece of Idaho history, and seeking it out is simply a must for any Idahoan with an interest in our state’s past.

Have you been to this little-known attraction? It’s amazing to think this amazing piece of history is waiting for you in this quaint little park. Learn more about our state’s past and check out these 10 Famous Historical Landmarks In Idaho.