The Small Town In Idaho You’ve Never Heard Of But Will Fall In Love With

The Northwest is brimming with small, forgotten towns – each with unique stories to tell and a charm of their own. Idaho especially is full of itty bitty communities that are all-too often overlooked by travel sites and passersby. But really, what better town to fall in love with than a town named after the ultimate city of romance, love, and culture?

Welcome to Paris, Idaho, baby! Population: just shy of 500.

You might not see an Eiffel Tower or the Louvre here, but whether you just pay or visit or choose to settle down, you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous architectures, fascinating history, and unexpected natural beauty, all wrapped up in a homey small-town package. Check it out:

What a crazy place! If you’re in the mood to learn…did you know that this town is a stopping point on Idaho’s state wildflower trail? Talk about a perfect spring activity!