These 10 Towns In Idaho Have The Most Bizarre Names

Every state has their fair share of laughable city names — Why, Arizona; Boring, Oregon; Hygiene, Colorado… It seems Americans have enjoyed assigning strange labels to new cities for centuries now. Idaho is no different, boasting oddities like Zaza, Squirrel, Mace, and Last Chance to name a few. Sadly, many of Idaho’s most notable and oddly-named towns have faded into ghostly obscurity, along with the origins of their monikers — although we have a feeling that most of them were chosen by facetious miners with a hankering to shake things up above-ground.

Regardless of their history, from the strange and kitschy, to the aptly but oddly named, here are 10 of our favorite bizarre town names in Idaho that still have village populations above 2 according to the last census.

Even when the origins aren’t known, it’s still fun to speculate and poke a little fun at the founders of these strangely named towns. With so many to choose from, picking the best was a challenge, so please share your favorite in the comments or let us know if you have any updated historical information!