The Ultimate Guide To The Best Restaurants In Hawaii — Pizzas, Tacos, Ice Cream, And More! 

It’s often a surprise for many visitors to Hawaii to discover such a bustling culinary scene. From food festivals across the islands to local restaurants showcasing traditional cuisine, food in Hawaii is anything but rudimentary. While you can surely find a traditional all-American burger or steakhouse during your visit to Hawaii, we recommend diving deeper into the culinary adventure. Try the poi, laulau, or poke for a taste of the islands. Even swap that ice cream cone for an all-natural shaved ice for a unique twist on a sweet treat. If you are the type of foodie with an adventurous palate or simply want to immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture as much as possible, we have some of the best restaurants Hawaii has to offer in one list, including a few hole-in-the-wall gems.