It’s Hard To Ignore The Beauty Of This Off-Limits Cave Hike In Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are full of beautiful geographic anomalies, including caves of all varieties. From lava tubes caused by volcanic eruptions to coastal caves carved by the ocean, these caves found across the islands are each stunning in their own way. Today, however, we’re taking you on an unforgettable journey to an off-limits cave most people will never visit. Unlike most caves in the Aloha State, this gem doesn’t require you to head underground or underwater. In fact, this cave is only accessible via a steep and dangerous hike up a mountain.

Isn’t this cave dreamy? While we don’t condone you hiking to it for yourself, this is an absolutely stunning slice of paradise, and we love looking at all of these incredible photographs. What’s your favorite Hawaiian cave? Perhaps it is the sandy sea caves you’ll find within Waianapanapa State Park?