You Probably Didn’t Know These 7 Things Came From Hawaii

Hawaii isn’t exactly known for huge amounts of ingenuity, but every once in a while, someone from Hawaii has a brilliant idea, and the rest of the world thanks them. From surfing and the machine that automatically cores a pineapple, these seven Hawaiian inventions (and firsts) are pretty stellar. What are some firsts in Hawaii you knew about?

So, which of these Hawaiian inventions are you most grateful for? Tell us your thoughts in the comments – we love hearing from you!

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Hawaiian Inventions

July 20, 2022

Who are some Hawaiian inventors who have changed the world? 

Hawaii might be a little far away from the mainland United States, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t made its own significant contributions to the nation – or to the world! There are plenty of fascinating and highly important inventions from Hawaii, and many Hawaiian inventors have changed the world with their brilliance. For example, the engineers and scientists at CBI Polymers in Honolulu invented a remarkable nuclear gel that is capable of “mopping up” radioactive particles. This invention was monumental and might provide new ways of cleaning up following nuclear disasters. So they – the scientists at CBI Polymers – might just be some of the most influential Hawaiian inventors of all time!  

What are some fun inventions from Hawaii?  

Did you know that surfing was invented in Hawaii? It’s true! One of the most popular water-based sports in the world came from beautiful Hawaii, and we would be lying if we said we weren’t totally proud of that. Long ago, there were all sorts of things about surfboards that told people about the status of the owner. The length of the board and the wood it was made out of would tell the difference between the common folk and the royalty. Nowadays, things are a little different – but we don’t forget where the most epic ocean sport there is came from!  

What are some of the best things invented in Hawaii?  

Well, “best” is pretty subjective, but let’s be real here: there are all kinds of things invented in Hawaii that made a splash in some way or another. Did you know that one of the finest coffees in the world comes from here? Yep – Kona Coffee. If you’ve never had it, you’ve never lived. It only grows in a tiny section of the Big Island, and it’s very special. Hawaii is also the only state in the United States to cultivate cacao and vanilla beans (though we guess Hawaii didn’t “invent” those, but still).