These 7 Mesmerizing Hawaii Blowholes Will Make Your Summer Epic

From pristine beaches and enchanting sea caves to lava rock shoreline and mesmerizing blowholes, you’ll find countless natural wonders near Hawaii’s 750 miles of stunning coastline. Blowholes are formed when a joint between a sea cave and the land surface above the cave becomes enlarged. When the roof of the sea cave collapses due to erosion, a blowhole is made. When the ocean’s waves enter the mouth of the underwater cave, the water is funneled up towards the blowhole, erupting into the air. Luckily for us, the Hawaiian Islands are home to several incredible blowholes – all worthy of a visit this summer.

Before we talk about our favorite Hawaii blowholes, we should warn you about the dangers of blowholes. The surging waters found near these stunning blowholes are wildly dangerous; you should always keep your distance and stick to the official viewing area if there is one. Without further ado, here are 7 mesmerizing blowholes found across Hawaii that are sure to make your summer epic.

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