These 8 Colored Sand Beaches in Hawaii Will Blow You Away

While each state in America is distinctive in its geography and appearance, Hawaii is perhaps the most unique in all of America. One of the many things that set Hawaii apart from the crowd is the stunning beaches that populate the islands, particularly the colored sand beaches. From black and green sand beaches on the Big Island to Maui’s magnificent red sand beach, the colored sand beaches in Hawaii will leave you speechless.

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Are there any private beaches in Hawaii? 

Perhaps surprisingly, no! With the exception of certain federal government areas, all beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. According to the Hawaii Supreme Coart, any land below the highest wave line is considered state property and must be open to the public — lucky us!

How many beaches are there in Hawaii? 

We’re not sure of the exact number, but the Hawaiian Islands are home to 750 miles of stunning coastline — putting the island state behind Alaska, Florida, and California when it comes to coastline length. And while among that coastline you will find countless rock formations and sea cliffs, the beaches are what truly matters. Hawaii is home to hundreds of phenomenal beaches just waiting to be explored. On Oahu alone, you will find more than 125 beaches dotting the coastline. It would take a lifetime of exploring to visit every single beach in Hawaii, but it’s certainly one of our main life goals.

What are the most popular beaches in Hawaii? 

The most popular stretches of sand in Hawaii often front the state’s best resort communities, including Waikiki on Oahu, Poipu on Kauai, and Ka’anapali on Maui. While these beaches are popular for their proximity to some of the most sought-after tourist destinations, they are also mighty gorgeous in their own way with fine, white sand and crystalline, turquoise waters.

What are the most remote beaches in Hawaii? 

While it’s easy to argue that the smaller Hawaiian Islands are home to the state’s most remote beaches, you’ll find secluded stretches of sand across the state — including beaches like Mokuleia, which is an end-of-the-road destination on the island of Oahu as well as beaches like Kalalau, which is a small stretch of sand nestled along Kauai’s Na Pali Coast that is only accessible via boat or an epic and dangerous 11-mile hiking trail.

Address: Hawaii, USA