8 Underrated Georgia Towns That Deserve A Second Look

When it comes to vacation destinations and day trips in Georgia, a few spots tend to get a lot of the hype. Sure, Atlanta and Savannah are great. Don’t get us wrong, they’re totally worth a visit! But we have plenty of other great cities and small towns that are just as worthy of the spotlight! Next time you’re looking for a slightly off-the-wall day trip in Georgia, check out some of these Peach State spots:

How many of these great underrated towns in Georgia have you visited? Any others you think belong on the list?

Address: Macon, GA, USA
Address: Albany, GA, USA
Address: Columbus, GA, USA
Address: Augusta, GA, USA
Address: Gainesville, GA, USA
Address: Duluth, GA, USA
Address: Roswell, GA, USA
Address: Tifton, GA, USA