This Epic 3-Day Restaurant Road Trip In Georgia Will Make Your Mouth Explode

There’s nothing quite like a road trip in the middle of summer…open road cruising, wind whipping through your hair, with not a care in the world. You would think there’s nothing better in life than a road trip, until of course we create a road trip which revolves around some of the greatest restaurants in Georgia. From the team that brought you The Ultimate Georgia Waterfalls Road Trip Is Here—And Anyone Can Do It, we invite you to take a gander at this epic 3-day restaurant road trip throughout our favorite state. The whole trip takes around 12.5 hours without stopping, and clocks in at 678 miles. This is why we think breaking it up into 3 days would be a better way to enjoy the adventure, not to mention have time to digest all the delicious eats! You can access the map in entirety here.

Our culinary exploration begins in Atlanta, but really, you can hop in at any point on the map and start your trip with the restaurant closest to you.

Wow, it was a lot of travel, lots of eatin’, but we made it to the end. How do you feel?! Probably like you’re going to need to follow up with an exercise road trip?? Hahaha, well don’t worry, we have you covered with This Hike In Georgia Will Make You Feel Like A Hero to get your body moving.

What do you think about this culinary adventure in Georgia? Are you up for the challenge?