These 10 Awesome Places In Georgia Are Sadly In Danger Of Being Gone

As you all know, Georgia is full of history; from our historical buildings to historical artifacts found all over the state, there’s a story to be told. That’s why we’re lucky to have The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, which is one of the largest state-wide non-profits in the country dedicated to historic preservation. They have a really cool program in place called ‘Places In Peril,” which identifies historical buildings that are in danger due to lack of maintenance, neglect, insensitive development plans or public policy. Every year they publish a report on the top places in danger, and here’s what they found for 2014 and 2015:

The first nineĀ buildings are on the 2015 Places in Peril list, and the last building is on the 2014 list. Unfortunately, they’re all still in danger of being destroyed, and with it, their history. There are many ways that we can come together to stop the destruction of these beautiful and historic buildings. Joining The Georgia Trust or your local preservation group, emailing letters to city officials and organizing support groups and public meetings will all help to raise awareness about this cause. Read more about Places in Peril here.

Do you know about any other historical buildings that at risk of being destroyed in Georgia? Tell us about it in the comments below!

UPDATE: According to 11 Alive News Glenridge Hall was demolished in April of 2015.