This Terrifying Swinging Bridge In Georgia Will Make Your Stomach Drop

A lot of hikers, fisherman, and paddlers seek solace in the Swinging Bridge on the Toccoa, yet many people find themselves unable to cross. This 265-foot bridge is the longest swinging bridge east of the Mississippi, and enough to give those afraid of heights a quick anxiety attack. A lot of people may find swinging bridges terrifying in their own respect. I, for one, don’t blame them. Anything that is suspended in the air from cables over a rushing, wide-flowing river would absolutely be an adventure in itself. Although the area surrounding the swinging bridge is said to be beautiful, with huge Mountain Laurels and Rhododendrons, once you set foot on that bridge, you’ll be wobbling with every step.

Have you hiked the Benton MacKaye Trail and crossed the Toccoa Swinging Bridge? We want to hear about your experience!