Georgia’s Oldest Standing Building Has Been Left In Ruins, And It Is Simply Stunning

Georgia has always been such a haven for unique and unforgettable pieces of history. There is so much to learn about our great state, it’s a wonder how we all get anything else done. But one of my favorite snippets of history from the Georgia chapter, comes in the form of the Horton House on Jekyll Island. Not only was the Horton House the first brewery in the state of Georgia (beer lovers unite!), but it also is considered to be one of the oldest standing buildings in the entire state. Though the building is in ruins, it’s still a hauntingly beautiful place to visit, and has an incredible history that is sure to excite any Georgia lover.

After the Spanish attacked the shore where the English inhabited, the Horton House became a target. Although it was burned, and partially destroyed, many pieces of the house still remain intact. French officer Poulain du Bignon rebuilt the house after the fire and lived there with his family until they all passed. They are buried across the street from the ruins in their own family cemetery.

How about that for some unique Georgia history?! The coolest part though, is that these ruins are still open to visitors who are looking to explore the property. You can find the ruins here:

Horton House

375 Riverview Drive

Jekyll Island, Georgia, 31527

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