This Just Might Be The Most Beautiful Hike In All Of Georgia

Georgia has hiking up the wazoo, which is part of the draw for most visitors to our great state. When you can immerse yourself in nature, see the true beauty of the Earth, all while working your body and taking in the sights, there really isn’t anything better. So when we say something like, “hey, this just might be the most beautiful hike in the entire state of Georgia”, you know it better be good.

The hike we chose specifically for this occasion is none other than Blood Mountain’s Appalachian Trail. Check out exactly why this topped our list:

Talk about some beautiful hiking, right? If you want to take this hike on, then use the coordinates below to find the Byron Reese Trailhead, right off of Gainesville Highway in Blairsville, Georgia, 30512:

34.742942, -83.920976

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