Take An Unforgettable Drive To The Top Of Georgia’s Highest Natural Point

When many Georgians talk about Brasstown Bald, they tend to get lost in the hiking opportunities throughout the area. However, there is one aspect of Brasstown Bald that deserves much more attention than it receives: the drive. As one of the most scenic drives in the state, see for yourself why the drive up to Georgia’s highest natural point is such a truly rewarding adventure.

Thanks to YouTuber Familia Yanes, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of what to expect from the drive to Brasstown Bald, plus exploration of Georgian’s highest natural point.

The address for Brasstown Bald is Georgia Spur 180, Blairsville, GA 30512. By simply plugging the address into a GPS, you’ll be directed up the twists and turns of the roadways on one of the best drives in Georgia.

Have you ever driven to Brasstown Bald before? Share with us in the comments what your favorite part was!