The Remnants Of This Abandoned Rail Yard In Georgia Are Hauntingly Beautiful

Atlanta’s Pullman Rail Yard has been abandoned for quite some time now. It’s a 26-acre property consisting of more than 100,000 square feet of historic buildings. It’s had a very rich history thus far, including being a parts manufacturer for sugar and fertilizer processing plants in 1904, a place to make munitions in 1917 for WWI, plus a place where Fast Five and Hunger Games: Catching Fire both were filmed in 2011. Unfortunately, the rail yard was abandoned many years ago, but the remnants of the rail yard are so hauntingly beautiful, it’s worth the time to view it. Last year, Atlanta opened the rail yard up to the public for a day, to browse and take photos. If you weren’t able to make it out, then hopefully these photos will do it justice:

Although some artistic liberties have been added, there still is something so mesmerizing about this property and the remnants of it. The future of Pullman Rail Yard remains unclear, although there are groups pushing hard to acquire and transform this beauty into something special again. Have you been to Pullman Yard? Share your experience with us!

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