Take This Road Trip Through Florida’s Most Picturesque Small Towns For An Unforgettable Experience

In our opinion, Florida is one of the best states for road trips. There’s an endless array of scenic outdoor fun, incredible restaurants, quaint shops and roadside attractions that anyone with a few days off and a sense of adventure can enjoy. We’ve previously brought you several possible routes, from The Ultimate Central Florida Road Trip to this terrifying trek through some of Florida’s most haunted places.

The real heart of Florida, however, is in its charming small towns that invite us to explore nature and other cultures, all while bringing our state’s history alive. This road trip is certain to make your next vacation or free weekend unforgettable.

All good things must come to an end, including our epic road trip. If you’re looking for more charming small towns, check out our list of the 17 Most Picturesque Small Towns In Florida.