Gilchrist Blue Springs Is The Newest State Park In Florida And It’s Incredible

One of our state’s greatest assets is its high number of wild, beautiful, and well-preserved state parks. In fact, Florida’s park service has received three National Gold Medals for Excellence, more than any other state. The newest state park to be added to the list in Florida is none other than Gilchrist Blue Springs, and it sure is a stunner. If you’ve never been to this new state park, then we recommend spending the day enjoying the swimming, sunshine, and nature. Check out this beautiful state park in Florida.

Address: 7450 NE 60th St, High Springs, FL, 32643

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Have you visited Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park? What’s your favorite beautiful state park in Florida? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Address: 7450 NE 60th St, High Springs, FL 32643, USA
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Beautiful State Park In Florida

June 28, 2020

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Address: 7450 NE 60th St, High Springs, FL 32643, USA