About an hour north of Tampa, on the Nature Coast, sits a rural town called Brooksville. The town’s many historic buildings line the streets, but one local home, in particular, has caught the attention of paranormal researchers across the country, earning it a reputation as one of the most haunted places in Florida.

Remember, the May-Stringer House provides regular historic tours during the daytime and ghost tours on select nights. Want to know what to expect? Check out the video below, which was made by some brave explorers, who took the ghost tour at the May-Stringer House.

Are you brave enough to spend the night in one of the most haunted houses in Florida? How about just a couple of hours in the dark? Ready to visit the most haunted house in Florida? For more info on ghost tours at the May-Stringer House, visit their website.

So, did you know about the May-Stringer House? Or that it was the most haunted house in Florida? Ever visited? Do you know of any other haunted places in Florida? Tell us!

Craving more ghost stories about Florida? We thought so!  It’s time to gas up the car and hop on the road for our creepy road trip that leads to the most haunted places in Florida. Before you head out, take a look at our ultimate road trip packing list to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

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Most Haunted House In Florida

Aside from the most haunted house in Florida, are there any other scary sites in the state?


The most haunted house in Florida isn’t the only spooky spot in the state. There are several haunted places in Florida, including the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Dating back to 1874, the lighthouse stands at a towering 165 feet above sea level. Its age and size aren’t its only notable features, though. The lighthouse is also known for being a supernatural hotspot. Over the years, there have been countless reports of eerie encounters and inexplicable sightings. According to legend, several ghosts haunt the area, including the ghost of Joseph Andreu, a former lighthouse keeper, who fell to his death while painting the tower. The property is also believed to be haunted by the daughters of Hezekiah Pity, another former lighthouse keeper. As the story goes, Pity’s daughters drowned in the bay during a tragic accident.

What are some other haunted places in Florida?


When talking about haunted places in Florida, the East Martello Fort is bound to come up. Located in Key West, it’s considered one of the most haunted places in Florida. There are several spooky tales surrounding the fort, including the story of Robert the Doll. On display in the fort, the doll once belonged to a local artist, Robert Eugene Otto. Throughout his lifetime, especially during his childhood, Otto blamed the doll for numerous unexplainable events, from the pillaging of his bedroom to other odd behaviors. What’s more, Otto often spoke to the doll. Even stranger, he could be heard replying in a different voice. According to legend, the doll is cursed and possessed. To this day, fort visitors have reported some strange things, including the changing of Robert the Doll’s facial expressions. Odd sounds, shadowy figures, orbs of light, and other mysterious occurrences have also been experienced at the fort.

Are there any other ghost stories about Florida?

There seems to be no shortage of ghost stories about Florida. One of the most popular tales involves the Don CeSar Hotel at St. Pete Beach. Built in 1928, it’s touted as the “most haunted hotel in Tampa Bay.” Over the years, both employees and guests have seen the ghosts of Thomas Rowe, the hotel’s original owner, and Lucinda, the love of his life. As the story goes, the two met in England, but her parents weren’t happy about the love affair, so, they sent their daughter to Spain. Thomas returned to the U.S. alone, never to see Lucinda again (in this lifetime, at least). However, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t on his mind. Apparently, Rowe built the hotel to look like the one where he and Lucinda met. These days, the ghosts of the lovebirds can be spotted walking hand in hand around the hotel as well as on the nearby beach.

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