It’s Impossible Not To Love The Most Eccentric Village In Florida

You might think real artist communities are a thing of the past or something you’ll only find in one of Florida’s island communities, but this authentic artist village has been growing and thriving over the years. It has blossomed into a true gem that many people, even native Floridians, have never heard of. Next time you’re headed to the southwest part of the state, be sure to add a stop at this unique and whimsical village in Florida.

Have you ever visited the Village of Arts in Bradenton, a whimsical village in Florida? What’s your favorite artist community or thriving art scene in the Sunshine State? For more information, visit the Village of Arts website.

If you love exploring the small towns of the Sunshine State, take our Florida small towns road trip.

Address: Bradenton, FL, USA
Address: Village of the Arts, 1227 12th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205, USA
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Whimsical Village In Florida

September 10, 2021

What are some of the most unique towns in Florida?

Lake Placid is as unique as a town can be. As home to over 50 murals and as “The Caladium Capital of the World,” it’s a fascinating town that everyone should visit. In addition to the art and culture that can be found there, there are 27 lakes, a winery, and so much more! Cassadaga is also quite unique as it’s considered the Psychic Capital of the World and there are plenty of reminders of that throughout town! This is definitely the place to come if you want a psychic reading. 

What are some of the most unusual museums in Florida?

The Sunshine State has plenty of things that may be considered strange or unusual, including some of its museums. C. Green’s Haunted History House & Museum in Cassadaga is filled with bizarre, paranormal, and haunted items. The Coral Castle Museum is a sculpture garden, with structures that were all hand-carved by one man in the 1920s. Take a tour around this fascinating outdoor museum and marvel at what you see. 

Are there any places where I can learn to make art in Florida?

Yes! If you want to express your creativity and learn a new artform, consider taking a glassblowing workshop at Hollywood Hot Glass in Hollywood, Florida. Here you will be guided by an expert instructor who will help you shape and inflate your glass creation which you will be able to take home. Anyone with a creative bone in their body can try this and it sure is fun!

Address: Bradenton, FL, USA
Address: Village of the Arts, 1227 12th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205, USA