Having a claim to fame in Florida like being the place where the best Cuban sandwich is made is kind of a big deal. Actually, it’s quite huge, to say the least. In certain parts of Florida Cuban sandwiches are almost like currency. While there is a basic understanding of what makes up a Cuban sandwich it seems the people over at West Tampa Sandwich Shop in Florida have made a mastery of it. Check out why this sandwich shop in Tampa has earned top honors for its Cuban.

Have you ever eaten at the West Tampa Sandwich Shop in Florida before? Share with us your experiences from this amazing restaurant in the comments section! These Cuban sandwiches are one of the many foods that people from Florida crave whenever they aren’t in the state.

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The Best Food In Florida

What are the most popular foods in Florida?

The most popular foods in Florida include:

  • Cubano. This Cuban sandwich made of roasted pork, ham, pickles, and mustard which is pressed is a local favorite.
  • Mojitos. This tasty cocktail made of white rum, lime juice, sugar, club soda, and a sprig of mint is Florida in a glass.
  • Key Lime Pie. If Florida is known for anything, it’s this sweet pie made from key limes and is found everywhere in this state.
  • Frozen Yogurt. For some reason, this is more popular than ice cream and gelato in Florida and you’ll find shops serving it everywhere.

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What are the best bucket-list restaurants in Florida?

The best bucket-list restaurants in Florida include:

  • Blue Heaven. This Key West iconic restaurant is laid back, with roaming chickens and the best key lime pie in the state.
  • The Le Tub Saloon. Located in Hollywood, this dive restaurant is said to have the best hamburgers in the nation.
  • Satchel’s Pizza. While the setup is like an old junkyard, the pizza here is amazing and the surroundings have whimsical details. 
  • Columbia Restaurant. This restaurant has been operating longer than any other restaurant in the state.

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What are the most unique restaurants in Florida?

The most unique restaurants in Florida include:

  • Clark’s Fish Camp Seafood Restaurant. The entire restaurant is filled with stuffed animals of every kind.
  • Sugar Mill Restaurant. This restaurant has flat grills on the table where patrons can make their own pancakes.
  • The Wreck Bar. This place is designed like a submarine and has a massive water tank where mermaids will swim by and say hello.
  • The Bubble Room. This place is busily decorated with all kinds of colorful oddities including antiques and trains that roam all three floors.

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