A Bear Decided To Take A Dip In A Swimming Pool In Florida And It Will Crack You Up

Someone put this bear on the next flight to Rio, because he should definitely be competing for gold with the other world class divers. Sure, his technique could use a little work, but he has the heart of an Olympic athlete.

Meet Bruiser, a 4-year-old Grizzly Bear living at the non-profit Single Vision animal conservatory in Melrose, FL. Known as one of the most interactive wildlife parks around, Single Vision allows you to get up close and personal with several of the animals! Perhaps not quite this close, as this silly video was shot by a keeper who clearly has a close bond with this wild animal.

This lovely little video shows how much we share with these incredible animals – including the need to take a refreshing dip in the pool when the temperature starts to rise!

When we saw Bruiser’s epic leap into the pool, we laughed out loud in a embarrassing snort-your-coffee-through-your-nose-in-a-public-place kind of way. We hope Bruiser brightens your day too!

This video was shared on YouTube by Marthy Mar. Check out the channel to see more!

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