Up To 500 Manatees Invade The City Of Crystal River In Florida Every Winter And It’s A Sight To Be Seen

While some areas of the country get butterflies or crows migrating there for the winter, we are lucky to live in a state that gets some real gentle giants. If you’re on or near the west coast of Florida and you want to witness something truly magical, then you need to head to Crystal River during the winter months. Not only will you be able to see some true natural beauty, but you also will be able to see hundreds of manatees in the place they call home. Take a look at Crystal River in Florida…

Have you ever seen the hordes of manatees at Crystal River in Florida?! Share with us your experience in the comments section! Or if you know of other spots to take a glance at these gentle creatures, keep us in the loop.

Also, here is some more information about taking a River Ventures Manatee Tour to see the manatees up close. Or for more information about Three Sisters Springs, check out their website.

Address: Crystal River, FL, USA