The Delaware Beach That’s Unlike Any Other In The World

Delaware’s bay towns are full of treasures to discover. Whether you want to explore the geocaching sites along the shoreline or you’d prefer to spend a day in an old fashioned fishing town, there’s something for everyone here. Not many people realize, though, that one of our tiny bayshore towns is home to one of the most important beaches on earth for a prehistoric critter that’s lived here for millions of years. If you’ve never seen the Slaughter Beach horseshoe crab spawn, you’ve got a few weeks left in 2017 to check it out!

Slaughter Beach is a small town with just over 200 people, which means that the residents are way outnumbered by these cool crabs. Be sure to set aside time to take a day trip out to see this incredible natural phenomenon this year, and while you’re out there, help out any horseshoe crabs that you see flipped on their back. They’ll appreciate it, the birds will appreciate it, and you’ll feel good about helping these incredible crabs survive.