The Unassuming Delaware Restaurant That Serves The Best Seafood You’ve Ever Tried

Seafood places in Delaware seem to be a dime a dozen. In the summer months, there are signs at nearly every roadside restaurant offering blue crabs, fish and chips, and oysters by the dozen! Any Delawarean will be quick to tell you that it really matters where you find your seafood, though, and all of the best seafood places are the ones that bring in their catch right off of the boat. One such place is a tiny restaurant in Fenwick Island called Just Hooked where you’ll find some of the best seafood in Delaware.

Where are your favorite seafood places in Delaware? While Just Hooked is about a great of a catch as you can find, there are plenty of other places worth visiting. Check out our list of 11 Restaurants in Delaware That Serve The Most Mouthwatering Crab Dip for just a small sample of the seafood wonders you’ll find in the first state.

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