If you’re not afraid of the Delaware ghost stories that you grew up hearing, gather your bravest friends and set off to discover the most haunted places in Delaware. In order to make this road trip list, these places all had to be explorable, so you won’t just be driving around looking at places that someone claims were haunted. Get the full Delaware haunted road trip experience – if you dare.

Hopefully, after you visit the most haunted places in Delaware, you’ll make it back home with some great ghost stories. You can also modify it and check out just a few places, or make a weekend out of it and stay overnight somewhere in between. If you’re really brave and want to pitch a tent and stay in the woods between all of these spooky locations, check out our guide to the best camping sites in Delaware. Just don’t forget a trusty flashlight!

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most haunted places in Delaware

What is the most famous ghost story from Delaware?

The tales from Woodburn are some of the most popular Delaware ghost stories. After all, who wouldn't want to tell the tale of a ghost that helps himself to the Governor's finest wines? These comical ghosts are generally thought of as benevolent and fun-loving. There is one evil spirit that sticks around, though, and it belongs to a slave raider who was accidentally hanged in the yard one night.

What is the most haunted town in Delaware?

Delaware City is rumored to be the most haunted town in Delaware.

Not only do the ghosts of Fort Delaware stick around, but Crabby Dicks, Fort DuPont, the Central Hotel, and Pachette's Playhouse all have hauntings of their own. You can learn more about this paranormal town here.

What is the creepiest abandoned place in Delaware?

One of the creepiest abandoned places in Delaware is found at Alapocas Run State Park.

Delaware is a state that consistently tears down and rebuilds on land that has been abandoned, but for some reason, the old Bancroft Mills has escaped that fate. After several fires have caused delays in construction projects, the eerie old mill lies abandoned on the river. This creepy spot is accessible from Alapocas Run State Park.