Witness The Beauty Of Delaware From The Sky In This Stunning Drone Footage

Before quadcopters (aka drones) became popular recently, you couldn’t get a decent view of Delaware from high above unless you were aboard a helicopter or plane, or dangling from a parachute. And to film from up that high, meant that you had to climb aboard to take photographs or videos.  In the last few years, as drones have become more popular, and as professionals and amateurs have tested their skills, YouTube has exploded with drone video of Delaware from high above.

What draws people to Delaware – mainly the beauty of our beaches, the charm of small towns and scenic farm fields – has also drawn the drone enthusiasts, and this stunning imagery is surely some of the finest of the state that we’ve found so far.

The first drone video of Delaware featured below is a high tempo montage of footage from high above Dewey and Lewes. From this drone footage, you can’t deny the beauty of our beaches.

Isn’t it amazing? Some of the best views of Delaware can be seen from high up!

The next drone video of Delaware also highlights the beaches but with a view of Cape Henlopen like you’ve never seen it before, set to a meditative tune.

We tip our hat to the farmers of the state with this footage from Magnolia in Kent County. Not only is agriculture important to Delaware’s industry, our farms are featured in some of the most beautiful photos of Delaware.

And, while it isn’t exactly a spot that we’d normally think would look amazing from up high, here’s video from high above Wilmington’s riverfront.

New regulations have made owning and operating a drone a bit more challenging, but we’d love to hear what kinds of aerial views you’d like to see. Is there another drone video of Delaware that has impressed you? We’d love to see it, so be sure to share in the comments.

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