These 11 Rare Photos Show Delaware’s Farming History Like Never Before

It might surprise the rest of the country to learn that Delaware is one of the most important farming states in the history of America. Once, we produced more peaches than anywhere else in the world. Since the 1920s, the entire Delmarva peninsula has been a major player in the poultry industry. Even Delaware’s horses have made history, with famous racehorses Afleet Alex and Barbaro each getting their start in Wilmington, of all places! Take a look at these rare photos from the early 20th century that show Delaware agriculture like you’ve never seen it before, and take a minute to appreciate the longstanding history of farming in the First State.

From small corner farms to major poultry operations, Delaware agriculture has been a large contributor to the state’s economy, though it has often been overlooked by people who see the First State has just a stretch of highway. Do you have any childhood memories of local farms? Share them in the comments!

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