These 9 Crazy Laws in Delaware Will Leave You Scratching Your Head in Wonder

From the earliest days of the state all the way to the early 1940s, it was virtually impossible to do almost anything in public on a Sunday in Delaware. Called the “Blue Laws,” they were rarely enforced, but you could be ticketed or locked up for working, conducting business, or any other number of things. Weird laws in Delaware aren’t a thing of the past, though. In fact, you might be surprised to learn what is actually illegal in Delaware. You may have even (unknowingly) broken the law a time or two. (Don’t worry; we won’t tell.)

So, did you know about these weird laws in Delaware? Have you unknowingly broken any of them? Know of any other quirky things that are illegal in Delaware? Tell us!

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Weird Laws In Delaware

August 13, 2021

Are there any other strange things about Delaware?

Believe it or not, there are a few strange things about Delaware, such as the source of the state’s nickname the Blue Hen State. The origin isn’t nearly as significant as that of The First State, which came about because Delaware was the first state to sign the constitution. Nope, the fowl-inspired moniker goes back to the American Revolution, when soldiers from the Delaware area carried “fighting cocks” with them for entertainment. The bird of choice was the Blue Hen Chicken, which was known for its ferocity and fighting abilities.

What are some fun facts about Delaware?

There seems to be no shortage of fun facts about Delaware. For example, despite the fact that Delaware is the second smallest state (Rhode Island is the smallest), more than half (67.8%) of Fortune 500 companies are Delaware entities. And that leads us to our second fun fact about Delaware – there are more corporate entities established in The First State than residents. One of the most surprising fun facts about Delaware is that it has only three counties, which is less than any other state.

Are there any other weird laws in Delaware?

Surprisingly, the laws mentioned above aren’t the only weird laws in Delaware. Turns out, there are a few other illegal things in Delaware that will leave you scratching your head. For instance, it’s against the law to whisper in church or within 300 feet of a church in Rehoboth Beach. The law was originally enacted to discourage and prevent disruptive behavior during church service. Profanity and rude behavior were also banned in houses of worship (which should go without saying).

Address: Delaware, USA