Here are the 12 Best Places to Live in Delaware… And Why

Delaware is a small state with fewer than 60 municipalities – that’s no surprise. With only three counties, many policies are the same from town to town, and the state seems to just be split in half. Slower Lower is where you live if you like the serenity of rural life, and Northern Delaware is where you’ll reside if you like the hustle and bustle of city living. Because of the similarity from town to town and the great divide between North and South, it’s hard to find a good list of “best places to live in Delaware” online. Many of the ones we’ve found include more ties than anything else, claiming that the weather is the same, the unemployment is the same, and therefore the towns are the same.

Those of us who live in Delaware know that each city, small town, and really small town are unique and have their own strengths, and that the “best place to live in Delaware” really depend more on what you’re looking for in your hometown, rather than an arbitrary ranking based on what statisticians THINK you’d like to have. So, we’ve done our Best Of list a little differently – based on what’s important to YOU.

We’ve used statistics from Nerdwallet, Livability and Niche to make our list, and we hope it’s helpful to those moving to Delaware or relocating within the state.

Tell us what you love best about your Delaware town in the comments!