5 Abandoned Forts In Delaware That Hold Historic Keys To The Past

Delaware’s position at the mouth of the Delaware Bay made the state vitally important as a military stronghold. Harbor defense was an important part of colonial history in Delaware, as well as in the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Today, there are five abandoned forts in Delaware that remain a part of the First State landscape. Four of them are available to explore, but one remains a complete mystery.

Delaware’s past as a strategic military location is not completely irrelevant in present day – after all, Dover Air Force Base is one of the most important Air Force Bases in the country. However, the days of harbor defense forts are behind us; advancements in technology have made forts like the ones above nearly useless. However, these abandoned forts in Delaware are critical to understanding the history of our state, and luckily most of those that are preserved are open to the public.