The 11 Weirdest And Strangest Things That Have Ever Happened In Delaware

Delaware is a state where everybody knows your name, and it’s full of sleepy small towns where everyday life tends to be routine and predictable. That’s why these super odd, headline-grabbing incidents caught everybody’s attention. Read our list of the 11 weirdest things to happen in Delaware, and see if you remember any of these odd stories making their way around your social circles.

We’ve seen some pretty bizarre happenings over the years. Do you know any more interesting stories about the weirdest things to happen in Delaware? We’d love to hear from you about your favorite First State follies, so share them in the comments below.

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weirdest things to happen in Delaware

April 17, 2020

What are the creepiest places in Delaware?

Some of the most haunted and creepiest places in Delaware include Fort Delaware in Delaware City, The Addy Sea Inn in Bethany Beach, and the Governor’s Mansion in Dover. All three places have long and storied pasts, and visitors experience paranormal happenings on a regular basis.

Do Delawareans have any strange habits?

There are a lot of things that make Delawareans unique. Some of our most interesting habits are culinary-based. We feast on scrapple, which is a breakfast meat made from… well, you don’t really want to know. When we have chicken and dumplings, our dumplings are actually noodles. And when it comes to subs (okay, or hoagies), we prefer ours with a bit of a Thanksgiving twist.

What is the most unique town in Delaware?

Many people would consider Arden to be the most unique town in Delaware. This old fashioned community was founded to be a utopian village, and their traditions have continued to this day. Attend a play hosted by the Actors Gild or enjoy a feast when you join the Dinner Gild for their weekly meal. If you want to see it all, mark your calendar for Ardenfest, held every September.

Address: Delaware, USA