15 Rare Photos Taken in Delaware During the Great Depression

With the crash of the stock market in 1929, Delaware and the entire nation entered an era of tremendous economic downturn: the Great Depression. From then through the late 1930s, Americans struggled to make ends meet as unemployment reached new heights. Delaware experienced growth prior to the Great Depression, mainly due to the completion of DuPont Highway in 1924. Many city and town limits expanded and saw improvements in supporting infrastructure. These rare Great Depression photos of Delaware were taken in the 1930s as those living in the First State found themselves coming out of the Depression into a decade of opportunity.

Do you have any family stories of the Great Depression? It’s hard to imagine what life was like, but there’s no doubt that Delaware spirit carried people through the tough times. And it’s fascinating to look back on these Great Depression photos of Delaware.

Address: Delaware, USA
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Great Depression photos of Delaware

February 20, 2020

What are the oldest photos taken in Delaware?

The oldest photographs of Delaware were taken to document the everyday life of those who lived here. During the Great Depression, dozens of photographers traveled state to state to document the historic economic crisis.

What are the best historic sites in Delaware?

Delaware is lucky to have First State National Historic Park, which highlights some of the most historic places in the country! Visit the First State National Historic Park website, here, to learn more about these incredible wonders.

Where can I go to learn about the history of Delaware?

There are dozens of museums scattered throughout the state of Delaware. Visit the Delaware Natural History Museum, Winterthur Museum and Library, Smyrna Museum, Dover’s historic district, and old New Castle for a survey of the state’s past.

Address: Delaware, USA