Here Are 10 Of The Most Charming Small Towns in Delaware

With only three cities in the state with more than 30,000 residents, and only one city that most out of staters would consider anything like a real city, Delaware is dotted with small towns boasting populations that are smaller than the student body of some high schools in surrounding states.

Each one of Delaware’s 57 municipalities has nuggets of small town charm! Here are 10 tiny towns in Delaware, each with a population of less than 5000 people, that are particularly alluring. If you’re looking for the best small towns in Delaware, this list is a great place to start your search.

Naming the best small towns in Delaware depends on whether you love farmland, the beach, or close access to the cities of the Northeast. One thing is for sure, if you travel around Delaware in any town, or city, or village: you’ll find a small-town feel everywhere you go.

If you’re happy with your current residence but still want to get out and see the state, plan a tour of these 7 Small Town Steakhouses In Delaware That Are Totally Worth The Trip.

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best small towns in Delaware

January 17, 2020

What is the most scenic town in Delaware?

Despite its small size, Delaware offers several different landscapes and ecosystems. If you love watching fishing boats roll in and out of port, you might find that Bowers Beach is the most scenic town in Delaware. If you’re looking for a blend of urban and rural, Wilmington and its suburban neighborhoods, like Greenville and Montchanin, might capture your heart. History buffs would say tha Hockessin is the best place to live in Delaware, and ocean addicts would vote for Bethany Beach or Lewes. There are so many scenic towns in Delaware that it’s hard to pick just one. Visit them all and let your eyes decide for themselves!

What is the safest place to live in Delaware?

Overall, Delaware is a safe place to live. However, some of our small towns are consistently reporting low crime rates. Lewes, Bethany Beach, Hockessin, Greenville, and Camden-Wyoming are considered some of the safest towns in Delaware.

What is considered the best place to live in Delaware?

Nearly everyone in Delaware would attest that the area around Cape Henlopen is one of the best places to live in Delaware. If you truly can’t stand the beach crowds but still want to be near the water, Bowers Beach may be a match. Dover is centrally located, and that appeals to many, and Hockessin is convenient, historic, and scenic.

Address: Delaware, USA